Composer is launched!  ♫  Get in the mix • • • Composer is launched!  ♫  Get in the mix • • • Composer is launched!  ♫  Get in the mix • • • Composer is launched!  ♫  Get in the mix • • • Composer is launched!  ♫  Get in the mix • • • Composer is launched!  ♫  Get in the mix • • •

The first NFT music project featuring "YOU"

[ Probably the most WAGMI drop in Web3 ]


Together with DJ Buscemi we invite you to become part of an unique NFT Music project that let’s you co-create his next hit album. We are all gonna make it. For real! Wagmi!


A collection of 3.000 Buscemi Beats NFTs featuring unique audio samples from DJ Buscemi in five cultural themes (Miami Latin, Bossa Nova, Oriental Asian, Balkan Love and Afro Vibes). Visualised through iconic portrait artwork of the artist made by renowned designers Loulou & Tummie.

Start Mixing

Once collected, you can access the Mixer dapp with your Buscemi Beats and start creating your own unique Buscemi Beats mix.

Become featured artist

Mint your mix on the chain, DJ Buscemi will select 5 minted mixes. If your minted mix is chosen, you'll be a featured artist on the album. Cool, right?

get rewarded

Early 2023 Buscemi will release an exclusive limited edition album only available for NFT holders. And yes! Album royalties will be shared with NFT holders.


About us

The artist

Buscemi is a Belgian DJ and musician. His style can be described as dance music with a touch of Latino and influences of lounge, jazz and Brazilian grooves.

He has released over 10 albums gaining millions of streams and his single Seaside was a worldwide hit song. His groove is worldwide acknowledged. He has performed in over 40 countries covering all five continents, including performances at Burning Man and Tomorrowland.

Buscemi & Frens


Mixer / Composer


What is the project about?
With this revolutionary music NFT project, Buscemi wants to explore new ways to collaborate and co-create with his audience through the use of fractionalised music NFTs.

It is the first-of-its-kind music NFT project that will allow you to use your Buscemi Beats NFTs to create and mint your own unique Buscemi mix through our Composer Dapp.

The best mixes will be selected by Buscemi and will be part of a new album to be released in 2023. If your mix is selected you’ll be featured as co-artist on the album.
Who is Buscemi?
Buscemi is a Belgian DJ and musician. His style can be described as dance music with a touch of Latino and influences of lounge, jazz and Brazilian grooves.
How involved Is Buscemi with this project?
Very much! This is a collaboration between the musician DJ Buscemi and 49/META, a web3 studio. All music samples have been created by Buscemi.
Who are the team members?
Buscemi, Jokomo, Nick and Karel are the founders. The wider team includes: the renowned design duo Loulou & Tummie, a top notch dev team: Steffest, Sasha, Jawaad, and Juned, community queen Dijana and web3 advisor Lawrence.
How can we contact you?
You can contact the Buscemi Beats team directly by DMing us on Twitter or on Discord .
Who is the visual artist?
Loulou & Tummie is a Dutch creative studio in the Netherlands. Over the past years they have been making their colorful illustrations, animations and designs for some of the biggest brands around including: Netflix, Nickelodeon, Heineken, …
Are Buscemi Beats safe from trademark
Buscemi created his own samples


Wen mint?
See our discord for the latest mint information.
Is there a premint?
Yes. Buscemi Beats will work with premint.xyz. 66% of our supply will be available for premint.
Mint supply?
3,000 unique NFTs each with iconic artwork and a groovy audio sample conceptualized into five themes: French Bossa Nova, Miami Latin, Oriental Asian, Balkan Love and Afro Vibes.
Where can we mint?
What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?
Buscemi Beats will receive 7,5% of all secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to continue to build and execute our vision and deliver value to our community.
What IP rights do Buscemi Beats holders receive
The IP rights of the Buscemi Beats belong to the Buscemi Beats team. However we plan to grant co-creators IP rights of their own mix with certain limitations. Full details regarding IP will come soon.
How much is it going to cost?
Mint is per 5 Buscemi Beats NFTs. The price for 5 NFTs is: Premint: 0.075 ETH or Public mint: 0.095 ETH
How to get Allowlist?
Be around! Follow us on Twitter, Discord or subscribe for updates at https://buscemibeats.xyz. Where we will announce premint dates.
How to get a free mint?
The only way you can get a free mint is through our giveaways. This will be done after mint. Check our Twitter and Discord when and how you can win a free mint
Wen rarity?
We’ll release the rarity after the mint.


How can I access this Composer Dapp?
If you own a Buscemi Beat NFT you will be able to access our Composer Dapp by connecting your wallet at https://buscemibeats.xyz
How can I create a mix?
You can create your own mix with your Buscemi Beats NFTs via our Composer Dapp. Check our Discord for tutorials and tips.
Can I mint my mix?
Yes. However you will need a Composer NFT to be able to mint your mix.
What is a composer NFT?
It is a one-time use NFT that will enable you to mint your mix and create your own Buscemi Beats remix NFT.
What is the cost of a composer NFT?
Owners of a Buscemi Beat will be able to mint it at 0.15 ETH
What is the inventory of the composer NFT?
It’s limited to 600.
Will I burn my NFTs when I mint a mix?
You will need to burn the Composer NFT to mint your Buscemi Mix NFT. The Buscemi Beats NFTs are NOT burned and can be used to create another mix if you have another Composer NFT.
Why should I buy a Composer NFT?
First of all it will allow you to mint your own unique Buscemi Beats remix NFT giving you access to the co-creator tier utility and roadmap. Including:
  • a free gold edition of the Buscemi Beats album (both NFT and vinyl!) to be released spring 2023
  • access to the backstage Discord channels
  • the chance to be featured as a co-artist of the album
  • sharing royalties
  • and much more …
What if I don’t want to create a mix?
Don’t worry, just hold on to your Buscemi Beats. It will not only give you access to the fan-tier utility and roadmap. When we release the Buscemi Beats album with the featured mixes, you will be able to claim both the NFT and vinyl album (which will be a very exclusive collectible) by burning your five Buscemi Beats NFTs.


When will the NFT album be released?
Spring 2023
Will the album include a physical vinyl?
Yes the exclusive album will be available as NFT and as a vinyl record.
Will I be able to claim the NFT album?
There are three ways to get he NFT album:
  1. If you hold a Buscemi Remix NFT you will be able to claim a gold edition of the NFT album for free
  2. If you hold five Buscemi Beats NFTs you will be able to burn them to claim a classic edition of the NFT album
  3. Buy it for 0.2 ETH
What will be the price for the NFT album
The album will be available at a price of 0.2 ETH
Will the NFT album grant royalties?
Yes, the NFT album will grant a certain % of royalties. With the gold edition holders having a bigger share than the classic edition holders.